Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jam in de Road!

Check this new video from Mista Vybe. Mista Vybe has the word:
Alright folks, de bacchanal START! The response since I released my new 2010 Carnival single "Jam In De Road" has been nothing short of AMAZING! To all those of you who messaged, texted, bb messaged, etc., about the new tune: "THANKS!". To all those of you who downloaded already "THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!!!", and for those who haven't, it's STILL AVAILABLE until midnight tonight (Friday, November 27th, 2009). Don't worry though - even if you miss the deadline for the Free Download, you can STILL go get it from! In the meantime, though - WHO SAY "PROMO VIDEO"???? [More...]

Yes people - in association with The HiTTLab proudly presents "Jam In De Road (Promo Video)" - and trust me, this video is filled with pure "JAMMIN' IN DE ROAD" for real!

Take a peek and enjoy it, tell a friend to tell a friend about it, and keep a sharp eye out because you just might see YOURSELF, ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS or YOUR CREW taking a "Jam In De Road" for Trinidad Carnival, Vincy Mas, Crop Over, Spice Mas, Caribana, Labour Day, Miami or some other major Carnival around the world!

Don't forget to leave a comment! Big up your crew, holla at me with feedback, or just say what you think about the tune - don't be shy, SPEAK UP!

Oh and by the way, this Promo Video is NOW AVAILABLE on as well as on Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook AND Myspace - so take your pick!

Anyway, enough talk - here you go - "Jam In De Road (Promo Video)"!!!


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