Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In 1997 the volcano Soufriere Hills, had a eruption and devastated more the half of the small island of Montserrat in the Caribbean and killed 19 persons. After that a lot of citizens had to go overseas because of lack of housing and jobs. Montserrat is under the rule of Britain and was granted full residency rights and later on citizenship.

Now days the island is getting back and hopefully soon the tourist will again visit this beautiful island. The capacity of the new airport and dock is up and more services are available to the island.

There is a new web page i would like to tell you about, its called Mni Alive and is available at the address:

Read also this article in the Guardian.
Montserrat, back from the ashes

If you have the possibility go and visit this beautiful island that sprang alive again!

Also check out talented artist Scrappy, resident of UK but from Montserrat!
Here is his blog,!

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