Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ki & JMC 3Veni - Catch Me Lover Video

A new chutney video has seen its light, from the pongolo factory.
Here is JMC 3Veni's facebook group.

Ki & JMC 3Veni - Catch Me Lover

JMC 3veni was founded in the year 1977, as a local East-Indian oriented band. They played full East Indian Music focusing on film songs, playback etc. Within a few years of existence, Jmc 3veni had captivated the hearts of many Indo-Trinidadians with their music.

The year 1987 was a major turning point for the band, as they, for the first time, ventured into the Soca/Calypso arena, playing on the road and being awarded 2nd best sounding band for Mas Band Rabs Immortal. It was then and there, Jmc 3veni was dubbed the premier Crossover band out of Trinidad & Tobago, becoming the band of choice for many popular Carnival Mas Bands including; Show Case, Raoul Garib, Max Awon D Midas and Associates, and for the past 11 years, 3 time Band of the Year winners Trini Revellers.

Jmc 3veni, worked diligently to promote the Music and Culture of Trinidad & Tobago internationally over the past years, travelling to North America, South America, & Europe annually. In doing so, theyve managed to attain many merits to their name, including;
•Sunshine Award winners, 4 consecutive years
•Indo Caribbean & TnT Awards, 3 consecutive years
•Awards at the 103 Fm Annual Hall of Fame Awards
•Best Crossover Band, The International Soca Awards at the Apollo Centre, New York
•Crossover Song of the Year 2006 Doi Festival, The Cott Awards, Trinidad
•The Opportunity to perform for former mayor Rudolf Juliani, 4 consecutive years
•4 time winners of the Best Sounding Band, Downtown Carnival Trinidad, including the year 2009

Jmc 3veni is presently preparing for Carnival 2010, with their latest crossover hit Catch Meh Lover, as well as many other crossover and soca selections. Although being a premier band for many of the Carnival fetes and All-Inclusive parties, the band plays a major role in all of the Chutney Soca events throughout the season, including The Chutney Soca Monarch, Chutney Glow, Chutney Brass, etc. Jmc 3veni continues to work vigorously to hold the title of the Best Crossover Band out of Trinidad & Tobago.

There is a answer or reply track for this one too:

Princess Anisa - Tek Sunita (Nadia's Reply)

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