Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr Vybe 2 d World! part 2

Blogisode 2: Living (And Dying) For Soca!!! Mr Vybe in Germany...

2 D WORLD! (GERMANY) - Blogisode 2: Living (And Dying) For Soca from Mista Vybe on Vimeo.


Welcome back folks! Thanks for the seemingly endless flood of supportive emails, Facebook messages, Myspace messages, texts, calls, “hail outs” on the street and every other way you guys reached out to say you loved Blogisode 1 of the my new Reality show “2 D World!”. I’m happy to announce that we’re back with Blogisode 2: Living (And Dying) For Soca!!!

This second installment takes place the morning after my wicked performance where I mashed up U-Club in Wuppertal, Germany. You get to meet up with myself and my manager Joanne outside of the hotel shortly after we dragged ourselves out of bed (only a couple hours after the actual show – no rest for the wicked lol). Then, we introduce you to some of the people that made our mini-tour in Germany both possible and pleasurable.

You’ll meet the crazy and very cool guys that were my DJs and entourage in Germany – the infamous Threeks Sound crew: Alex, Nico (wickedest Soca selector in Germany – Mista Vybe say dat!) and Weasel (you might remember him singing “I don’t know what you come to do but I come to get on real baaaaad” into my mic in during my performance of my tune “Up” back in Blogisde 1 lol).

Nico & Weasel (Threeks Sound)

You also get to meet the man we refer to as Mr. Business – AKA Steffen (AKA “Jah Marks” lol)… this guy LITERALLY came in at the last minute after some initial negotiation difficulties and magically organized a near-perfect mini-tour for us in like 7 DAYS! He also was the best driver, tour guide, host and ambassador for Germany’s Soca culture anyone could ask for lol. We’re forever in his debt (and in debt to his wifey Melissa too lol) for giving us this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the amazing love that Germany has for Soca music and Caribbean vibes in general.

Steffen aka Jah Marks & Mista Vybe

Following the introductions, we travel 6 hours and many miles to the Bohannon club in the city of Berlin (the Soca mecca of Germany) later on that night, where I performed for Germany’s version of Glow (a popular concept in TnT – a party where you must wear white to gain entrance). Before the performance begins, Jo and I talk a little about the trip thus far, the amazing German people, the love we received and many other topics.

This episode gives you some idea of how much the German Soca massive really loves Soca music and the culture of the islands, and how far they (and my manager and I) were willing to go to defend that culture.

As a matter of fact, right at the beginning of the clip, Joanne interviews the guys from Threeks Sound, one of whom is wearing a T-Shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Soca Or Die”, and when she asks: “Would you really die for Soca?” The answer is an unhesitate “DEFINITELY”.

That’s how Jo and I feel about Soca too and it shows in this clip, right up to when Weasel starts introducing my performance onstage at Glow…

But more on that next time ;-)

For now it’s about “2 D WORLD! (GERMANY) – BLOGISODE 2: Living (And Dying) For Soca”!

Blessings – Vybe OUT!!!!

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