Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newness - Lend Me Your Ears 2k Wine Mix

Mix from the talented Digga D from London. This one is reeeal hot. Digga has choose those crazy tunes and riddim that i really like. You must download this!

Digga D - Unity Krew (UK) - SocaVivor Island Mix Preview
Download here.

Digga D - Unity Krew (UK)
SOME XXXCLUSIVE TUNES FROM SLU & GRNZ for those yet 2 hear!!


Nayee HD - Start De KaNaVal (DA)
Soca Johnny - Spin - (DA/UK)
Ms Desire - Do Something (BIM/UK)
Grand Masters Band - A Want Whale (SKB) 08/09
Small Axe Band - Bend Over (SKB) 08/09
Nu Vybes Band - Na Pull Up (SKB) 08/09
Jam Band - Sickness (VI)
Omari Ferrari - Drink And A Wine (VI)
Kamau - Peter Piper (VI)
Avalanche - Get A Drink (VI)
Avalanche - Get A Drink [Road Mix] (VI)
TC Brown - Tate Alley [Road Mix] (SLU)
Mantius - Kote Manman-ou [Road Mix] (SLU)
Twop Chance - You Want It Take It (SLU)
Kayeh - Pass It For Me [Mash Up Time Riddim] Produced By Hitty & Jam - MonsterHittz Productions (SLU/US)
Sedale Mentally - Ill (SLU/US)
Campari Riddim Instrumental Produced by Patrice Regis For Slaughter Arts Records [Campari Riddim] (SLU/US)
Invader - Canteen [Campari Riddim] (SLU/US)
Mad Ele - Tipsy (SLU/US)
Kakal - For A Cop [Hot Pot Riddim] (SLU)
Platinum George - Lookin Funny [Hot Pot Riddim] (SLU)
Kakal - Bois (Refix) [Potential Wine Riddim] (SLU)
Cookies & Cream ft. Q-Pid & Son - Potential Wine (Remix) [Potential Wine Riddim] (SLU)
Isla Man - I Want My Money Back (Isla Man) Produced By Penn & Ace (SLU)
Qpid Ft Rafique Alexis - If You Like It! (SLU)
Mantius - Mummy and Daddy (SLU)
Orion - Bring De Iron Back (SLU)
Mantius - She Want Iron (SLU)
Viking - Viking Says (SLU)
Ricky T - Like A Jumbie [758 Road Mix] (SLU)
Isla Man - Rockshun [V12 Riddim] (Produced By Penn & Ace) (SLU)
Ricky T - Like A Jumbie [Like A Jumbie] (SLU)
Mr Killa - More Rum (GND)
Mr Leggs - Mass (GND)
Small Pin - Move (GND)
Kuba Dazz - Gay Man Don't Like Cat (GND)
Shatta Ricky - Thing She Like (GND)
Brother B - Hula [Simply Smooth Remix - Gutter Riddim] Produced By Island Trafficent (GND)
Berbice - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (GND)
Brother B ft Vybz - move (GND)
Lavaman - Emergency(Call De Nurse) [Viecoux Dance Riddim - Island Trafficent Production] (GND)
Lexy - We Doh Business [Jam Band Riddim - Produced By J.R.E] (GND)
Most Wanted - Bacchanal Can't Done - [Jam Band Riddim - Produced By J.R.E] (GND)
Monkey Riddim Instrumental - Produced By Mr. Leggs (GND)
Candy & Annoited - Melda [Monkey Riddim] (GND)
Kevin & Slyfox - Fastness [Monkey Riddim] (GND)
Kevin & Slyfox, Barbie & Anointed - Melda, Fastnees (Remix) [Monkey Riddim] (GND)
Mr Legs - Ah Must Play Jab Jab [Monkey Riddim] (GND)
Full Clip - Wild Indians (SVG)
Fireman Hooper - Just Bring That (SVG)
Fafa - Gimme Me Soca [Trappa Riddim 08/09] (SVG/GND)
Top Notch Swift - Nobody Can Talk To Me [Trappa Riddim 08/09] (SVG/GND)
Lively - Mash Up (SVG)
Fireman Hooper - Finders Keepers [Road Mix] (SVG)
Fireman Hooper - Rags Invasion [Road Mix] (SVG)
Problem Child - Madhouse (Produced by Fryktion) (SVG)
Skinny Fabulous - De Beast Legho [Scratch Master Road Mix] (SVG)
Blood - Chaos [Chaos Riddim - Produced By Blood] (BIM)
Mikey - Riddim Sekshun - [Chaos Riddim] (BIM)
Edwin Yearwood - Socaholics (BIM)
Steely - Stealing Everything (BIM)
Hypa Kidz - WE READY (BIM)
D2 - Bucky Wuk Up (BIM)
D2 - Buck Wuk Up [Road Mix] (BIM)
Stabby De Guard & John Buckwild - 1 More Minute (BIM)
Contone - Wuk A Bumper (BIM)
Fraud Squad - Hold De Rope (BIM)
King Bubba Ft Birdman - Hard Wuck (BIM)
Machel Montano HD - Doan Hold We Back [Brass Fest Riddim - Produced By Dwain "Dwaingerous" Antrobus] (BIM)
Lil Rick - Spread Out [Brass Fest Riddim] (BIM)
John Buck Wild vs Steely - Who Ya Doctor (BIM)
Lil Rick - Ride It (BIM)
Stabby De Guard - Major Stabby Pain (Monstapiece Production) (BIM)
Krosfyah ft Edwin Yearwood - In De Middle Of De Road (BIM)
Stabinator aka Pumpy - 1000 Juks (Monstapiece Production) (BIM)
Lil Rick - We Looking For Wuck - (Monstapiece Production) (BIM)

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