Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Album: Soca Rebels feat. Crazy - Rebel Jam

Soca Rebels and Crazy has released a new album called Rebel Jam.

Even in places as far away and distinct from the Caribbean as Scandinavia, the spark of Soca caught fire and caused a heatwave among music lovers. The Swedish band Soca Rebels from Gothenburg has been around since 1990, playing Soca and Calypso and promoting the culture of Trinidad & Tobago. This did not only arouse interest in their hometown and let their fanbase grow all over Europe, but also attracted the attention of some of the finest Caribbean Soca artists. After cooperating with the Bajan producer Moonblast, the Soca Rebels now teamed up with the Calypso and Soca legend Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung from Trinidad.
Crazy is not only a repeated winner of the Roadmarch title of T&T Carnival, but also one of the most commercially successful artists on international Soca scene. He is performing for more than 30 years, pioneered Parang Soca and played a leading role in promoting Chutney music.

The result of this prolific collaboration is the brand-new album “Rebel Jam”. Comprising nine totally sweet and catchy tunes, this album can be ranked as an instant classic. Fun lyrics as well as beautiful melodies guarantee that these songs stick to your mind for a long time.

You can buy the album Soca Rebels feat. Crazy - Rebel Jam at the following download stores:

finetunes | junodownloads | amazon

Read more about the album at Faluma Digital here.

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