Friday, August 21, 2009

Nevis Carnival (Culturama) Road March

Odisi Band took the title this year with "Sweetness."
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From SKNVibes
By Cherisse M. Sutton-Jeffers

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - AFTER some controversy in 2008 surrounding the Nevis Culturama Road March title, the Odisi Band made sure there was no room for doubt this year as they took the crown with ‘Sweetness’

The band won the judges nod with ‘Sweetness’, which tells how the musicians have elevated over the years and how their fan base has grown; it also speaks of the sweet music fans say they keep producing.

The song was written and sung by band leader Kenny ‘Eazi’ Warner and Docu-B but was arranged by Docu-B and Spane.

SKNVibes spoke briefly with Warner, who said they are happy to have been named the 2009 Road March champs as this was what they set out to do.

“It was a joyous feeling for us seeing that all the hard work had paid off, and we did our best to push the song,” he said.

“The public loves the song, the melody and chorus especially….and at J’Ouvert and Last Lap we heard many of them singing along as we played the song,” Warner added.

The band had recently released an album dubbed ‘A so we party’, which is made up of Sweetness and 13 other tracks.

Warner said they are currently working on getting visas for the band to travel to New York for the Labour Day celebrations next month and also for the 2009 Miami Carnival.

The lead singer also stated that if time permits, they would possibly work on a number of new tracks for the St. Kitts Carnival in December in which they hope to participate.

The Odisi Band was also named the 2009 Band Clash winners.

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