Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There is only one page for Bajan (Barbados) music and that is the youtube clone bajantube.com.

They realesed a mixtape with ALOOT of new GOOOD bajan music, you have too hear this!

Click here to listen to Mix!

This is a message from the guy in charge of it, BajanTubeGuy

Is it Crop Over 2009? Carnival? or Vintage show? Sat at 6:41pm
I have been seeing a lot of notes popping up on facebook abut airplay and jokey artist rising to the top but I have noticed something else which is more interesting...

I been taking in a few of the crop over fetes and I am beginning to notice a trend, the DJs are not paying any interest in Crop Over Music for 2009. The template goes as follows,they start set with Trinidadian soca and play that for say 45 minutes to an hour then ask "let me see who have been listening to soca for more than 20 years" and play some vintage. When they do get around to crop over 2009 music those sessions do not exceed 10 minutes. Is the music for crop over that horrible that it doesn't deserve play or persons only like to listen to song on bajantube and not hear them is parties? Bajantube.com is filled with crop over music, some really hot and some not so hot but it gives me an idea of how many songs which could be rotated in the fetes which are not... a better balance is needed as many party goers are too asking bout it.

Well i guess you artists need to get on the case before your bread and butter is taken away from you!

Bajantube.com is a promotional tool, it was created for that purpose, you the artists have to be proactive and get on your A game.

Here is our Bajantube.com Ragga soca mix and guess what? it longer than 10 minutes :), fast one coming soon.

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