Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daggering Debate

There is a debate going on in the Caribbean about the word daggering and its real meaning. In Jamica the word has been ban from the airwaves and in Guyana the Soca Monarch song contain the word, but the singer Shelly G says her interpretation is that its just another way of wining.

You can read here on the Guyana Music Arts blog about the discussion.

And here is two aricles from Stabroek News about the winner Shelly G;
Shelly G is this year’s Carib Soca monarch
Motherhood helped Shelly G ‘work it’ to win

Another video from Shelly G, this one a bit older...
Don't she come off a little 'slack'? ;)

Shelly G - Touch Meh

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