Sunday, January 11, 2009

Campaign for Soca Category at Myspace!

This a thing that has been on my mind a long time know, and finally somebody make a Campaign for this. Myspace is lacking a Soca Music category. The artist have to use things like tropical, world or other... We should also have a category so join the campaign. Big up to Toronto-Lime, Nurse Karen and Dr Jay!
So join the group!

New Campaign Urges to Create a Soca Music Category

Toronto, Canada - A new advocacy campaign was launched yesterday to officially list soca as a musical genre on the internet entertainment portal, The initiative entitled Bring Soca to MySpace is lobbying to make it easy for fans to browse soca music online and interact with their favourite personalities.

Bring Soca to MySpace has four main aims:

  • The creation of a Soca category in MySpace Music
  • The featuring of Soca artist profiles on the site splash page
  • The inclusion of editorial relating to Anglo-Caribbean music
  • The creation of a MySpace Caribbean regional English-language sub-site.

At present, MySpace considers the Caribbean to fit under the umbrella of Latin America. Therefore Caribbean users often login to into a Spanish-language interface featuring the latest in Reggaeton and Latin Pop. Organizers believe that the end result of the above recommendations will create a win-win situation for the soca music industry, fans and MySpace alike.

"Every other style of Western music is up there," says campaign organizer and Caribbean entertainment writer Nurse Karen , "We are simply asking MySpace to give soca artists the respect they deserve. Artists already use site, but they have to describe their sounds as Reggae, Tropical, Fusion or Zouk. There is no category that represents them. As a result, Soca artists never have the chance rise to the top of MySpace music charts. Soca is way bigger than that, so the time is now for a change."

The non-partisan campaign, officially endorsed by (Nurse) Karen (Etc) and Soca Therapy, Canada's #1 Soca radio program, asks for the grassroots support of all Caribbean media outlets, entertainment professionals and music fans.

Supporters may assist in the following ways:

  • Post or circulate this media release and campaign poster
  • Join Bring Soca to MySpace in Myspace Groups
  • Email MySpace in support
  • Encourage contacts to join the Bring Soca to MySpace group
  • Add your logo to future versions of the poster

For more information, to get involved or to join the Bring Soca to MySpace group please visit:

To send an email to MySpace in support of the campaign

  • All emails must be addressed to:
  • The subject line must read: Re: Media - Not listed [ref:00D78NrS.50077iea4:ref]
  • An effective support letter should list your name, age group, occupation, country and reasons for supporting the campaign

To get your logo added to campaign posters:

Send an email describing your affiliation, along with an attached .jpg to

For media inquiries, to receive an updated list of sponsors, or print quality version of the poster:

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Karen L Richardson said...

Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to seeing a change...