Thursday, December 4, 2008

Caribbean Bacchanal 14 Soca & Reggae Show

Yes! On Thursday and Saturday we have clubs in Sweden with the talented artist Scrappy. Therefore we have an interview with Scrappy from this summer in this show and some really good tunes from Scrappy. We also have some nice daggering tunes and a Sizzle tune about Obama! We end this show as we always do now with some Parang. This show is extended! So enjoy! BLESS!

Big up to Jonas, aka d drunkard
DJ Tate from London and sounds best with soca
big up Hievi aka MissAnthrax, daggering queen of Göteborg
Big up to Scrappy and DJ Tyrone! for more about the clubs in Norrköping 4/12 and Göteborg on the 6/12. Hope to see u there!

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