Thursday, November 13, 2008

New video from Barbados

Verseewild aka Ahzam Boss is known for his catch phrase "ahzam ahzam" Verseewild is quickly becoming one of the more popular entertainers in Barbados. He has also brought a freeness to the stage with his "ahzam babies". Check out his music and music video below.

Verseewild Ahzam & Tek It Light

More Tunes with Verseewild:
Verseewild - Wine It Up Pon Me
VerseeWild - Push it Back
VerseeWild - Ahzam Wine
Verseewild ft Keann - Wining Feeling


bluntifada said...

great track... you know if it's availiable as mp3?

Verseewild said...

Message me at