Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mas Band Wee International

As you might know Trinidad Carnival is coming up. Songs has already dropped and mas band start preparing. 2009 is going to be a very special carnival coz my dear friend Racia has finally made it in to the business. She and her friends are presenting a carnival section called Golden Brown Sugar! The section is in the new band Wee International. Here is some info from there webpage: http://www.weeint.com/

Born out of the desire to re-introduce the family vibe to Carnival,Wee was created. Wee International a group of foreign and local-based Trinbagonians joined forces to bring back that down home, family vibes of a West Indian love affair we have known to be Carnival.

Having witnessed the changes over the years, in attitudes and behaviors to what Carnival represents Wee welcomes the challenge to expose the masses to the true meaning of Carnival and what Wee know CARNIVAL to be.

Wee are dedicated to giving the individual masquerader that personalized experience, through an intimate small band.

Wee are the alternative to the big band, big market oriented environment, with quality to match and in some instances surpass, as all our costumes are being assembled in Trinidad by individuals with years of experience in mas productuction techniques

Wee will be featuring – everything (well... everything, except the kitchen sink) to make your time with family and quality friends a blast!

All inclusive:
- Unlimited drinks (beverages, premium drinks)
- Food
- A-Class security

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