Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Interview with Lil' Bitts

Shivonne "Lil' Bitts" Churche

Interview by Ronald G. Victor
1. Oil down or Pelau?

"Hateeeeeeeeeeeeee Oil Down...yeah I know eh...i get real talk for that one. So pelau it is!"

2. If you could be a super hero who would you be?

"If I was a Superhero...i would be Catwoman...that black suit look is hott! lol."

3. Wais de worse lickin yuh ever get from your parents? Who give it to yuh and what was it for?

"LOL!!!....my mother...for different things...I was an adventurous child."

4. Favourite childhood memory?

"Favourite child hood memory would be staying by Mummy Elsee, she took care of me most of my childhood when my mom and dad were at work....especially the times when my dad was sick. Also going to Sacred Heart Girls' R.C and performing for the school."

5. The election of President Obama has inspired the world. He proved that anyone can reach the highest office in their land. If you were elected Prime Minister of T&T, what is the first thing you would CHANGE?

"First thing I would change if elected. Bring down de price of FOOD and GAS...I live in my mother house...but damn the high prices are killing me, far less for the less fortunate....prices sky rocketing like that is going to cause more crime."

6. Music means what to you?

"Music means everything to me. I believe everyone was brought here for a purpose...I believe God brought me here to share music with the world."

7. Describe your idea of the "perfect performance."

"Perfect performance - enormous stage, best lighting, sold out crowd of 100,000 ppl, my own dressing room, best dancers, best vocals, best sounding band....and the one that will fill me with most joy, hearing each and every person out of that 100, 000 persons sing all my songs work for word and telling me how much they love me and how much difference and an impact I make in their lives."

7+1. Tis the season. What do you want santa to bring you for Christmas?

"Health, strength, prosperity for my family, friends and myself, and a WICKED!!! Carnival season :)"

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