Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fete Update

Info about fetes that going down:

First out, our friends in Caribbean Sound, one of the few sound system here in Sweden that play soca, second Insomnia in London. This is a fete that I dont want to miss, but it seems like i going to.. =( Scrappy who was here and mashed up the place for Malmö Carnival is on the lineup, its going to be MAD.

Caribbean Carnival, Wednesday 20 Aug - Norrköping (SWE)

Insomnia 08, Saturday 23 Aug - London (UK)

Caribbean Madness, Friday 29 Aug - Göteborg (SWE)

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TheJorda said...

Finally updated my blog...thanks for linking it.
Caribana was good? See in my interview with Machel I say sorry Caribana, seems Barbados stole Machel this year...
Grenada friends - its all about Grenada Carnival.
I'm broadcasting from Leeds this weekend - no Notting Hill for me!