Monday, July 28, 2008

Food post

We'll am getting a bit hungry and going to cook some meat and potatoes right about now, the more or less Swedish standard dish.

If I were in Trinidad i guess i would have gone for something else, like bake n' shark. Its sooo good.

Here you have a show from American TV called Bizarre Foods, and here its 6 clips from TNT. The food of the caribbean do not always agree with me, and after seeing this you might understand why. Leguana is first on the meny.

Bizarre Foods - Trinidad and Tobago part 1 of 6

The bake n' Shark is fantastic thou, the host rate it as his favorite Top 10 alltime,
and i guess he's really been around the globe...

Bizarre Foods - Trinidad and Tobago part 5 of 6

Go to Youtube for the other parts.

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