Friday, June 13, 2008

Two New Tunes

We got two new tunes for you today:

First one groovy with Trina. This one is called "Dont Force It" and is about the love game between two caribbean persons i guess...

Download or Listen here.
Trina - Doh Force It

Next one is a real big tune, I think this gonna one of my favorites. Terra Mike is back from the Fast Car cover thing and dropping this one. I think its a bit older but anyway: Its a jumpy riddim but its has like two diffrent rythmes, one very fast and the other one more funky.. And the lyrics are sell off!! Thats how Soca Revolution rolling this summer..

Is this also based on some old tune? I kind of recall it from some where...

Listen or Download here.
Terra Mike - Get Juiced Up

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