Friday, June 27, 2008

Möllevångs Karnevalen

This year we going to turn the streets of Malmö into a Soca War Zone.
The 26th of July we going to be an part of Möllevångs Karnevalen. Möllevångs Karnevalen has been around for 10 years and havent until now had a Soca Section. Soca Revolution Crew has the plessure to annonce that Scrappy, origanly from Montserrat, now living in London is going to come over and perform on the Road.

Scrappy Coming to the Carnival in Malmö the 26th of July

Tomorrow there is going to be another Parkfest in Malmö with Möllevångsfestivalen and Möllevångs Karnevalen is going to have a meeting at Jesus Parken at 16:00. Everyone that would like to be part of this can come! So help us try to get Malmö out of its slumber and into the new world.
Here is about the Party in the Park.

Here is Scrappy's Myspace.
Here is an some info from Faluma about Scrappy.

Here is an interview with Scrappy:

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