Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dem girls dem

Hey, being busy studing, have an exam on Friday. Its hard as freak...

Wednesday at 22:00 CET we playing again at Radio AF, listen live or wait for the podcast. New fresh tunes gonna be played.

Here is another tune on the Calabrie Riddim, the one Machael Montano did a tune with Pitbull and Lil Jon on.

I like this one with Bezo more. Nice lyrics!
Download or listen here.
Bezo - Dem Girls

Bezo also did a remix on "zsouk la se sel medikaman". The song that Problem Child first got a big hit with. Listen here. Bezo's version is called "Reverse It". Like that one too!

I added another soca blog too,
Soulseek Soca Spot, check it out!

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