Sunday, February 24, 2008

Carnival 360 Full Edition

The Toronto Lime 360 video blog from carnival stayed unupdated all from J'ouvert. That’s normal during Carnival, nothing get done.. Its some serious liming time.. But after carnival was over it just disappeared from the front page and never got updated. I looked for it and now I found it here.

The days from 9-13 are now online. It’s the best carnival documentary I seen so far. I bought the Inside Carnival 2k7 too, but it’s too much interviews away from the carnival and the presenter is too much. It’s like she is angry or something.

DJ Playhouse hosting 360 and living in Canada does it excellent for Toronto Lime. He has the right style and sound sooo authentic.. (OOOOOh GOOOOOOD) ;)

Hopefully I can get it on DVD soon. It’s a bit low resolution online.

Link: TNT Carnival videoblog 360

Beware: You going to get some stong withdraw feelings when watching it. I cyan wait until 2k9 when we all going...

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