Sunday, January 20, 2008

Swedish Reggae

Its sunday and thats a good day to relax with some reggae. Sweden dosen't have any Soca artist but more reggae artist. Here is two really nice tunes from up and comming reggae singers.

My friend Luddee is a part of the reggae band Snakkas Kapell They are from Gothenburg and play roots reggae and uptempo. Luddee has drop this tune that has been produced by Kapten Röd, one of Swedens biggest reggae stars and played in Swedish radio. I really like this one, nice lovers choice.

Luddee - Dansa
Download avaible at Luddee's myspace.

Number two is a labyrint productions with singer Jacco on. Its called Välkommen till vår betong, which is translated to Welcome to our concrete. In Sweden the word betong is best transleted to hood or ghetto, even if its not really like a ghetto in other parts of the world. I hope they are a bit ironic in this song, the lyrics is about people who guns, shooting heroin and throing stones at the cops. All deliverd with a strange seanse of pride. Its a really good tune and the ryhmes is really wicked.

Jacco - Välkommen till vår betong
Download availbe at Jaccos myspace.

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