Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lung Caca!

Lets continue with some more music from St Lucia. One of the biggest riddims last year was the Lehgo Me Riddim. Its the riddim that Ricky T doing Pressure Boom on, which had Mr Vegas do a remix on too.

Another not so famous version of the song is Ablah Ablah (Lung Caca). Its sung by Kakal who sing it in Patois. Jamaica is famous all over the world for its patois but in the Caribbean St Lucia is the real hardcore when it comes to patio.
Its a mix of French, English and old African words, too name a few. There is some Swedish people who understand Jamaican patios reasonably good, but I bet the dont gett many words right when it comes to St Lucia...

Here is two videos made by Kakal for the intro to the 2007 Soca Monarch in St Lucia.
The second one is real good because it got close caption so all the tourist can follow. I laugh soo much first time i watch this. The whole style is just so Caribbean and dam funny.

I give to you:

Part 1

Part 2

Here is the song that the intros are for:

Kakal - Ablah Ablah (Lung Caca)
Download Here.

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