Monday, December 31, 2007

Soca Audioblogs

Carnival in Trinidad is coming up and that means tons of new sweet music. Before I was dependent on the file sharing network Soulseek. The soca music has no distribution in Sweden, the closest is Faluma in Germany. Soca is not released so much on Albums, more on CD collection and promo mp3 files.
Now there is a couple of good audio blogs specialized in Soca and Caribbean beats. Here is my favorites:

Soca Lime
A new site that seems to have a Caribbean origin. Good balance between artist info and comments by the writer. Really frequently updated lately, witch is real nice.

Cyan Wait
From the big song this year song by Lil'Rick. (See further down for video!) Both Soca and Reggae releases or as the blogger puts it: "Audioblog for Caribbean music - Soca, Calypso, Dancehall, Reggae and Urban Carnival Culture".
Riddims and Singles and strange pics to accompany it with.. =) This first audio soca blog I found. I think of European origin.
Big up!

Caribbean Stylez
This one is from France and in French. Don’t be afraid, its easy to find you way around. The bloggers are Beenij & Dj SpeeD. I know some of the other blogs are getting there tunes from this one, so nuff respect.. ;) Soca and Reggae / Dancehall. A lot of real releases in zip and rar if you know what i mean. Tons of posts and big ones too.
A bit strange but here we go; this one is from Israel! I had to check what country .il top domain was.. It’s in hebrish so impossible to read. Good they spell soca and dancehall in English. ;)
Tip: look at the link address instead... Big big post with single files. Not so good with titles for the songs, all has the address in the id3 tag instead of name of artist and so on. But it’s really really nice to see that some Israelis are bigging up the soca music... I'll cyan wait til I can go there to spinn... =) Dancehall, reggae tunes too.

I'm always looking for more, so if you know some that I haven’t featured here,


M. Seales said...

Soca Lime says thanks! thanks for the hit up on your page man! More and More content to come through the new year bless!

Unknown said...

check out Omari Ferrari at

Javed Mustapha said...

G said...

im new DJ from israel... & i just wanna say to you that we have big community (but still not most) who love dancehall soca reggae & reggaeton....
but we have just a few clubs & dj's that play this music...
u can email me to
if u have more questions...

Anonymous said...

Cyan Wait says: thx and keep on takin soca to a higher level...

Bigi .K. & Mosik said...

wwowww this is my blogg man an i romoved to

i can belive my blog in your blog ...
thnks to you man
yes we love iin israel soca reggae ragga reggatton and very very dancehall

im only 16 agh
and i love love this music!!

check my new blog

im israeli and i dont good in english

blaass from mosik

Anonymous said...

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